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Kanye West’s MONSTER (Muppet Remix)

January 16, 2011

This track’s been getting hella play for awhile now. But check out this lazy sunday shit.


I don’t think this is the ‘Official’ video (below) as there were reports of unfinished versions showing up on the web. Sheesh. I guess songs aren’t the only things that get bootlegged anymore. Anyways, chickity check:



November 26, 2010

As I flip thru the randomness of the web, searching for hard evidence to actual pieces I’m trying to write, I came upon a childhood fave:


I hear that Cookie Monster is trying to get a feature on Saturday Night Live but I’d back Grover over any muppet, any day. This was simply my favorite recurring sketch on Sesame Street:

And he don’t stop. Just last month, he came out with this:

Alright, back to work.


ONE MORE TIME by Main Offenders f. Masta Ace

November 8, 2010

A great collaboration between Vancouver rappers, Aspire, Catch 23, Zacharia and Brooklyn MC, Masta Ace. Not sure when the song was released but the video, animated by Lizzy Nelson of Dani & Lizzy and First Ladys Crew, is new.

Main Offenders have been holding it down on Main Street, Vancouver for awhile now. Check out more of them HERE!



October 21, 2010

I guess I can say that I’ve never really checked out MC Eternia. And for that, I am ashamed. Cause I can defly fuck with this.

Her album with producer MoSS is apparently doing very well with Exclaim! calling her “Canada’s Dopest Female MC!”

You can get her shit on iTunes.


Pokemon REDUX

September 21, 2010

A few posts back, I referenced the trend of modernizing our favorite movie franchises with grimier and more realistic takes. See Batman Begins. See James Bond’s Casino Royale.


What has happened now tho, is that Hollywood has ignited the imaginations of fans worldwide setting them on a course of “if you don’t do it, then we will.” When independent productions of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat hit the internet, the public perked up in unison. Here is a new fan-made trailer realizing the cartoon, Pokemon, uploaded by someone named Megasteakman.

The highlight of this is Vancouver. Harbour Centre, Simon Fraser University, Crab Park and parts of Gastown are quite visible in this once obscure now obvious local production. Good job guys, whoever you are!

Also, the scenes with a burnt Pikachu are hilarious.


September 14, 2010

Running low on your BBQ supply? Need a fix? Then head downtown to Georgia & Hornby and RE-UP!


Michael Kaisaris and his gang have landed in the core with some tasty (read: addictive) pulled pork sandwiches! The brilliance is in its simplicity. A healthy portion of BBQ dropped in a soft bun, topped with creamy coleslaw and wrapped ready to munch. Its served up fast with a choice of some homemade refreshments.


Time your lunches appropriately because at noon, the lineup goes pretty deep. This is where the city’s street food expansion program excels. Offering good food at an honest price with the speed and service that the downtown appetites expect.


If you work in the area, then head down and support this young and talented upstart. You won’t be disappointed. They got that sauce that barbecues you right back. Check the peach soda too. Like dayum!

Shouts (as per their board) goes to Calabria Bakery, the Irish Heather, Honda, Central City Brewing and, of course, you the customer.

PS. they DO sell out so keep up to the minute on twitter @reuppbbq

Chinese Skewer King

September 6, 2010

Last Friday I was walking downtown around lunch time feeling a tad peckish. Naw, I was fucking hungry. I was heading down Burrard towards Hastings where I thought I’d grab a Japadog. But instead, this was here.


And I was okay with it. In fact, I am very happy that City Hall has elected to expand the street food industry with such an expansive program. Here’s a great outline of what the downtown core offers right now. Courtesy of Miss604!

Wast Side of 200 Howe St – 100 metres North of W Cordova St
Wong, To Choi – Chinese Dim Sum

South Side of 400 W Georgia St – 12 metres East of Richards St
Lee, Yong Sook – Korean food with meat and vegetarian options

North Side of 700 W Cordova St – 14 metres East of Howe St
Revuelta Cue, Arturo – Burritos, whole wheat, rice, beans, sauces, fillings

East Side of 700 Homer St – 20 metres South of W Georgia St
Yong, Ming Cheak – chicken salad with lettuce, tomato. Fruit cup with melon, kiwi and mixed fruit.

East Side of 700 Hornby St – 22 metres South of W Georgia St
Kaisaris, Michael – Southern BBQ, Rice, Veggies

South Side of 700 W Georgia St – 20 metres West of Granville St
Li, Hongyu – Traditional Chinese and Japanese Cuisine

South Side of 900 W Hastings St – 24 metres East of Burrard St
Fang, Emily – Skewers of beef and pork

West Side of 1100 Burrard St – 28 metres South of Helmcken St
Samaei Motlag, Babak – Greek Donair

West Side of 1100 Burrard St – 25 metres North of Davie St
Yeo, Allan – Modern Satay Barbeque

South Side of 2000 Beach Av – 30 metres West of Chilco St
Zhao, Mei Liing – Fresh squeezed Lemonade

East Side of 600 Granville St – 50 metres North of W Georgia St
Ip, Derek – Fresh Bakery

West Side of 600 Granville St – 95 metres North of W Georgia St
Rodgers, Katie – Healthy meals & snacks, roll ups, sandwiches

East Side of 6400 Cambie St – 20 metres North of W 49th Ave
Yien, Alan – speciality noodles

East Side of 1300 Main St – 12 metres North of Terminal Ave
St. Denis, Jean Francois – Falafel

West Side of 1100 Station St, or West Side of 400 Burrard St
Morra, Giorgio – Authentic Italian stone ground pizza

West Side of 1200-1300 Arbutus St, or North Side of 1000 W Georgia St
Duprey, David – Fresh & frozen fruits, chocolate dipped fruits

West Side of 1400 NW Marine Dr, or East Side of 800 Hornby St
Kosmowski, Roman – Central European foods from Poland, Russia, using local organic products, borscht, schnitzel, koshe

As for the BBQ skewers? They were skew-tacular! Freshly grilled and full of chili and cumin! Still, took 4 minutes to get my order and the owner’s son who took my cash took a century to count my change. Good thing they got a niche goin for them.

Movies x Video Games

August 31, 2010

I really like the trend of ultra-gritty realism being applied to fan favourites. Casino Royale and Batman Begins really kicked ass. Literally. I caught the following a few months ago:

This is Mortal Kombat re-envisioned as a serial killer flick “a la” Seven. There’s a lot of net talk that this could go into production. Reptile looks siiiick!

While on the video games tip, this is an indie director’s more faithful take on the beloved Street Fighter series.

dos equis x kaws

August 12, 2010

“After several previews (here and here) of the upcoming collaboration between Mexican beer brand Dos Equis and Kaws, we can finally reveal the full bottle design today. The New York artist worked on a bottle design for the Lager and the Amber, both featuring his “X Eyes” all over. For the moment it looks like the bottles will only be available in Mexico, starting September 2010.” – High Snobiety

Powell Street Festival

August 6, 2010

Back with a vengeance at the newly renovated Oppenheimer Park (see guys, it didn’t take that long), The Powell Street Festival was packed with residents and tourists alike in a lavish celebration of Japanese culture.
The Omikoshi or portable shrine. When I got to it, everybody around me was dripping with sweat. The dude, pictured below, told me I had just missed the parade where everybody helped carry it around the circumference of the park. “Maybe you can next year,” he said.
Blim had a booth amongst a dozen others offering clothes, jewelry, crafts and literature. Check out the Geographic tees.
I’m actually a fan of SPAM. I ate it alot as a kid. So I couldn’t justify paying the price of a can for a slice of it on rice. Good marketing tho.
Actually, I didn’t get to try any other food either. The line ups were insane. All in all, this was a really cool gathering. I wish more events like this took place in the neighbourhood. Til next year.