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January 15, 2011

Dutchess Princess Fishes

Lettuce do this

Rip Shit and start again



Fred Herzog

December 2, 2010

I was at the Renfrew Public Library last night doing some good ol’ fashioned research and I found a great deal of local publications on Vancouver’s history. I got so involved that when the nice lady announced it was closing time, I had gone through a stack of about a dozen books.

One that I spent a lot of time on was a collection of photographs by a man by the name of Fred Herzog (b. September 21, 1930, Stuttgart, Germany) who has captured amazing stills of life in Vancouver from 1953 right up until now. He is a regular at the Equinox Gallery and has been featured as a solo artist in Toronto, Paris and New York. I honestly just sat there staring at his photos and searching for them on the net for this post really doesn’t do them (or him) justice.

Check some of them out below but please, head down to a VPL on a quiet afternoon and you won’t be disappointed!

Hastings & Columbia. 1958.

robson st 1957
Robson St. 1957.

Jackpot. 1961.

black man pender 1958
Black Man Pender. 1958.

Blue Car Strathcona. 1967.

Of course, if you’re too cool for school or the library then check out more HERE!

foto friday

August 14, 2010

foto fridays (saturday this week haha)

Rob Geary

Photo by:Rozalind Ewashina

foto fridays

August 6, 2010

foto fridays

Photoshoot with Rozalind Ewashina
for the contest

Rob Geary

Beautiful British Columbia

July 13, 2010

Photo courtesy of John Casablancas

I often hear musicians/actors/travelers/perverts claim that Vancouver is home to the most beautiful women in the world. And you know what? They’re right. In fact, I’ve been dating one of them for 3 years now (points!).

Whether it’s our robust multiculturalism or abnormally laid-back attitude that heightens the level of attractiveness of our female population (and, yes, men too), one thing is for sure: it’s just part of being Canadian!

Blah, blah, blah, biz.

Aight. Check out John Casablancas to gawk at some of Vancouver’s top models.

getting things done

April 20, 2010

i set up this blog for no real reason at all except to bring attention to the brand originally.
then i thought about it and how it can lead to other things.

a way for the community to connect and share what they are doing and what they are into.

some people have done so. their daily observations sometimes addressed to the public via this blog.

some people have requested to be a part of the blog team and then did not follow through.

i made this blog not for me to post, because i do not want to post, i don’t have the time to commit, i made this blog for others to post.

it’s not the most aesthetically pretty blog, i can agree with that.
there are no bells or whistles. ¬†we don’t have daily or weekly giveaways.
sometimes the images are too big and they cover the type on the side of the blog.
sometimes people write a blog then don’t post it and leave it as a draft for the rest of the public to never have a glimpse.

the stats for viewership go up and down on a regular basis. i do notice that when i post a blog on my facebook that a lot of attention is gained in the viewer stats.
i’ve seen other people post it on their facebook walls as well.
with all of that, i do notice that there is a continued viewership. people do actually click in to see whats going on with the welcome to eastvan blog.
it puzzles me why some people do. what is their purPOSe? why must they come see whats going on with this blog?
how does this simple, ugly blog draw attention?
i don’t know, but it does.

i’ve realized that i want this blog to become a sort of community blog. where everyone has their share in what’s going on in their lives.

if you are interested in writing about your life, posting pictures that mean something to you or you think would mean something to someone or have anything else you feel is necessary for this blog, no matter what walk of life you are from,
contact me.

i will add you to the contributors list and then we can go from there.