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Bizoid vs. The Octopus

August 25, 2010

Having an amazing girlfriend means having outstanding meals. But what happens when said girlfriend is missing? Well, THIS.


My moms gave me this piece of octopus from a whole tentacle she got from her neighbour. The spoon is for scaling purposes dummy.


The only thing I know ’bout cooking octopus/squid is to not overdo it. The last thing you want is aromatic rubber. So, safe bet? Cover the motherfucker in flour and cornstarch and fry in hot oil!


What else is there? Some spaghettini. A single chili pepper from a single chili pepper yielding plant. Green onion near death. And some ragu sauce l’originale avec boeuf hache. Thats meat sauce en anglaise. Note the insanely awesome chopping skills.


Drain the oil from the octo away. Throw back into pan with pasta ingredients and POW! Instant gourmet seafood pasta for one.

And then I was sittin there like, “DAMN SON!…”


And into the garbage it went.


July 16, 2010

“The Navy said they wanted a killing machine…”