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Kanye West’s MONSTER (Muppet Remix)

January 16, 2011

This track’s been getting hella play for awhile now. But check out this lazy sunday shit.


I don’t think this is the ‘Official’ video (below) as there were reports of unfinished versions showing up on the web. Sheesh. I guess songs aren’t the only things that get bootlegged anymore. Anyways, chickity check:


Kanye x Jay-Z x RZA x Pusha T x Swizz x CyHi

September 24, 2010

“Man, this shit is, fuckin’ ridiculous”


“Ridiculous,” of course, can be taken in any way. Like, “This line up’s ridiculous!” or “RZA only has two bars, that shit is ridiculous.” Now, you try one!

Download HERE.

From 2dopeboyz.

Jay Pharoah

September 19, 2010

Between recording new East Side Magic tracks last night, the homie Logical put us on this hilarity. I fucked up my raps cause I laughed so much.

This dude has got IT! Lorne Michaels just signed him to Saturday Night Live as the fourth new addition to the upcoming season. At just 22 years of age, Pharoah has a promising career ahead of him in sketch comedy. Who knows tho? Maybe he’ll go even further.


Let Me Upgrade You

January 29, 2010


Y’all know what the deal with this place is. This ain’t your grand-daddy’s Chinatown. It’s yours. It’s where you mingle, dance and listen to music in 2010. It boasts the best sound system in the city (Funktion-One), an eco-conscience design (low-flow everything) and several street artist-collabo installs that make this joint the end all be all of nightlife establishments.

But it wasn’t too long ago that this club was far more “underground.” I’m talkin east van indie rapper “underground.” Sure, the scenesters came here to dance on the odd weekday but the weekends made room for some memorable rap shows from locals such as Fatt Snak, The Groundbreakers, Dance Dance Revolution, East Side Magic, Main Offenders and countless others.

Now its the place where Camp Lo performed, where the Beatnuts will reunite and, of course, where Jay-Z chillaxed after his BP3 show. To quote Dylan, “the times, they are a-changin.”

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