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RAP LOBOTOMY by Kid Lithium

January 14, 2011

The homie and fellow East Side Magician, Kid Lithium, drops a verse over the current Bangladesh/Weezy single, 6 Foot 7. Something about this makes me want to throw on Beatlejuice and boogie.

Filmed (by yours truly) for Beast Van Productions on the 200 block of Princess Avenue in the Downtown Eastside. Home.

Download the single HERE!

And if you haven’t already done so, go grab Lithium’s free album, The First Downloadable Drug.


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Balmoral Blues: Renting from Vancouver’s notorious slumlords

January 13, 2011

The facts from the people who live here.

found at

Two years ago, Megaphone published a story on the destitute conditions residents of the Sahota-owned Balmoral Hotel were living in. Now, one the hotel’s longtime residents provides an update on what’s changed, and what hasn’t, inside one of Vancouver’s most notorious SROs.

I have lived in the Downtown Eastside for 13 years now.

I don’t want to put my name here, but I am a long-term Balmoral Hotel resident. I don’t want to give my name because I don’t want any harassment from the owners, the Sahotas.

In the past, the owners of the Balmoral have threatened to kick me out if I tried to get the health board in. The roof and ceilings were mouldy. The lobby looked like a parking lot for wheelchairs and bikes. The elevator didn’t work. The rooms had rats, mice and roaches.

read the rest of the article here

Wu Tang Clan x DTES

November 12, 2010

Sitting here bumpin Ironman going through some old flicks of the DTES.
Stumbled upon this gem.

Wu Tang is for more than the children apparently.

Catalog Gallery Presents: Lincoln Clarkes, Jen Osborne and Byron Dauncey – Natural Hazards.

October 29, 2010

Another Catalog Gallery event!

Catalog Gallery Presents : Lincoln Clarkes, Jen Osborne and Byron Dauncey – Natural Hazards.

Rob Squire and Catalog Gallery present a collection of beautiful women captured by three Vancouver based photographers, Lincoln Clarkes, Byron Dauncey and Jen Osborne. The selected photographs focus on vulnerability linked to beauty, and beauty linked with power.

This dichotomy is most clear in the stylish Shot in America series by Lincoln Clarkes, in which Texan women of all class pose with their loaded guns. In a country constantly at war with itself and others, this series reveals the pity of power.

Byron Dauncey’s Granville Street Saturday Night is voyeuristic and intrusive. Women are photographed candidly outside nightclubs in Vancouver’s Entertainment District, exposing a pressure to be beautiful, and flaunting the authority that it enables.

El Reinado by Jen Osborne showcases impoverished Colombian beauty contestants competing for the title of “People’s Princess” to improve their chances of finding a lucrative job in entertainment, or, a husband from a higher economic class. Beauty, for Columbia, is a national resource, and it gives Colombians a way to survive living in turmoil by celebrating things that are still beautiful.

Vernissage: Friday, November 5th from 6pm-late at
Catalog Gallery 56 Powell St Gastown, Vancouver, BC.

Show runs from November 5th – 28th.
For private showings outside of gallery hours, feel free to call Robert Squire – 604.721.4266.

Louvens Remy – Director, Camera and Editor
Vaughn Robert Squire – Creative and Music Score
Aaron Rivando – Camera
Type Design Template – Alex Usow
‘Live’ Photos from shoot – Jen Osborne and Byron Dauncey respectively.

50% of Chinatown Tour Proceeds go to Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

August 18, 2010

promoting a good cause. i got a message from a good person, this event will be happening soon.
As a DTES representative myself, i must spread the word about this.

Quoted from the actual article:

50% of the proceeds of the new Modern-Chic Chinatown Tour (August 29th) will go to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. The Centre is refuge for women and children that provides meals, counselling, first aid, daily essentials, social space, emergency shelter and much more to the neighbourhood in need.


Many ask me what my favourite tour is, to which I reply, the Gastown Tour. Yes, Gastown is a vibrant historical neighbourhood housing the city’s hottest restaurants and bars. But the true reason is after residing in Gastown for a year, I learned that this area’s stigma is only skin deep. Downtown Eastside, including Gastown and Chinatown, are often shunned by the public and criticized by the media as the epicentre of social issues.

When I guide my guests through Gastown, many point out the drug and homeless problem they’ve observed. I invariably explain that it is this juxtaposition between the grit and the glitz that made me fall in love with the neighbourhood. I am humbled by my surroundings and am reminded to appreciate everything I have. Boo to the “woe is me”, “fml” attitude.

read the rest of the article here


August 4, 2010

I first stumbled upon Dallas Pizza (literally) one drunken ass night in my man Lith’s ol’ hood of Fraser & Broadway. It was late late and we were starving. What ensued was one of the greatest slices of pizza that I have ever had in my life to date. And looking back, it certainly wasn’t anything special. Something like tomato, mozzarella and chicken. Yet the whole experience was overly positive as is most foodie discoveries.

Fast forward 5 years and it’s a lazy nite. Too hot to cook. Barely dialed the number…


Double the East Side service! Still took about 40 minutes tho. Dude was getting anxious at the door and asked to come inside. DTES makes him nervous?


Haha, barely had a chance to snap a pic. We were so cot damn hungy. Crust is decent. A lil dry around the edges. Lotsa toppings tho. The mushrooms actually smell and taste like mushrooms.


The feast: Greek salad with only one puny olive each. Chicken souvlaki for the lady. Extra tzatziki. Mine’s the roast lamb. Two hunks this time! Crazy since this is already good lamb. It’s so tender that it just melts off the bone. Doesn’t smell to lamby either for those who don’t dig. Side of meat sauce. Rice. Lemon potatoes. Oh, and pepperocinis. Basically, this is good food for a great price. Bonus for getting to eat it as two meals as it’s so damn big.

Check em out at their WEBSITE

or if you’re especially lazy and have a record of being so, then you already have an account at


July 27, 2010

NEW design #3 of 4.

gastown. old and new in the same sentence.
gotta love it!

gastown streets B&W

gastown streets W&B

Photo Contest

July 22, 2010


Okay shutter bugs. Just got word of this today from Drive enthusiast and gal pal ‘Lissa. “This Is East Van” creative directors, Erin Sinclair and Jason Uglanica, are looking for community submitted photos pertaining to anything East Van to add to their soon to be published book . Go HERE to find out how. Check it:

EMAIL us your submissions by August 15th at:

Up to 5 entries per person only. All photos must be 300 dpi jpegs ready to print. Only images that are selected will be used and only those selected for publishing will be contacted further.

In your email include the area of East Van. in which the photo was taken, your name, phone number, and email address.

If chosen, participants will be required to sign a release allowing This Is East Van. to publish their work.

Easy enuf, huh? Now git to the clickety clacken!

Learn more at THIS IS EAST VAN

welcome to eastvan x jerm IX x beyond robson

June 17, 2010

street artist Jerm IX had an interview with Beyond Robson, with the pictures they used he managed to sneak in a little love for the Welcome to Eastvan brand and the DTES. Represent the hood!

here’s an excerpt from the article from

As I mentioned in my introductory post, Redrum was one of the artists that motivated me to become an active street artist, only a few months after moving to East Vandalisn’t in 2004. At that time the city was peppered with his single layer stencils.

Giant LEGO men stood on rooftops and peeked out from behind dumpsters. Stencils of children running with buckets of paint, or drinking from water fountains, were strewn about in the alleys and alcoves surrounding Main and Broadway. An image of his own smiling face, taken from a photograph of himself at the age of seven, conveyed a sense of innocence lost every time I came across it. However, he is probably best known for his life-sized AYS toilets. AYS stands for All You See, which is a reference to dialogue from the classic film Style Wars.

It’s been a few years since Redrum decided that “it just wasn’t fun anymore…” and he stopped decorating his urban environment — our urban environment. Here and there you can still stumble upon some of his old works. However, I have good news, Vancouverites — Redrum is coming out of retirement.

I invited him out on a poster mission with hopes that we could collaborate together, and within a week, he had posters ready and was eager to get busy. He sat down with Ninja IX and I for 11 hours on Saturday at our kitchen table slash studio workspace, and started cutting out a stack of images that he had pre-sprayed on giant sheets of paper. Ninja stenciled a handful of messages for use as collaborations while I paced feverishly, searching for the right words. We crushed a few bottles of rum and enough weed to put a horse to sleep, and we got to know each other. Both of us occasionally rhymed along to a plethora of emcees, switching our ipods back and forth on the stereo.

read the full article here

Night Marks

June 6, 2010

Vancouver Chinatown’s Night Market. May 14 – Sept 5, 2010. Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 6:30pm – 11pm.
So I stopped by Keefer Street to check shit out on my way home. Meh. Same ol’ shit. Peoples, octopuss balls, 10 bras for $10 and bad karaoke. Also, there’s a crap load of iphone cases. If you’re feeling like it’s time for an upgrade then come here. If you’re tired of your black or white back, then switch it up a little. How ’bout zebra? Shits crazy. Or Ed Hardy designs on your iphone? Fuck yah! Who wouldn’t want phone tattys? And if ya feel like some straight up homicide, then get your knives there!
Hella stuff to look at. Ooh, Prime Time’s gotta booth now. You can also get a strawberry/kiwi/lotus root/taro bubble tea next door. Support your local merchants. Go buy shit.