Fred Herzog


I was at the Renfrew Public Library last night doing some good ol’ fashioned research and I found a great deal of local publications on Vancouver’s history. I got so involved that when the nice lady announced it was closing time, I had gone through a stack of about a dozen books.

One that I spent a lot of time on was a collection of photographs by a man by the name of Fred Herzog (b. September 21, 1930, Stuttgart, Germany) who has captured amazing stills of life in Vancouver from 1953 right up until now. He is a regular at the Equinox Gallery and has been featured as a solo artist in Toronto, Paris and New York. I honestly just sat there staring at his photos and searching for them on the net for this post really doesn’t do them (or him) justice.

Check some of them out below but please, head down to a VPL on a quiet afternoon and you won’t be disappointed!

Hastings & Columbia. 1958.

robson st 1957
Robson St. 1957.

Jackpot. 1961.

black man pender 1958
Black Man Pender. 1958.

Blue Car Strathcona. 1967.

Of course, if you’re too cool for school or the library then check out more HERE!


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One Response to “Fred Herzog”

  1. phil Says:

    Vancouver is a great city with lots of history behind it.

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