Vancity lyricist, E.D.G.E., has put in a lot of work in the months leading up to this release. Every week saw songs, free verses and videos highlighting the man’s natural ability to entertain his listeners. Mark “The 29th Year” as another notch on his belt in providing his fans with quality music at no charge. No iTunes. No Paypal. No money orders. Just. Click. FREE. DOWNLOAD.

00 FrontCover
01 BackCover

We at WTEV have been supporting E.D.G.E. along the way and will continue to do so as the man keeps producing music. Much respect to Refined Hype for making this release possible. Also look for collaborations with Jaykin and Jeff Spec as well as production from Sichuan and Roswell. So grab that FREE DOWNLOAD, leave a comment below and enjoy hip hop in its purest form; For The People!


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One Response to “THE 29TH YEAR by E.D.G.E.”

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    […] you should probably go get that 29th Year album too…cuza […]

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