Top 10 Rappers In Canada


While I applaud the National Post Ampersand for bringing Hip-Hop into the spotlight, I am very suspect of this list. Mostly because I don’t agree with all the entries. Like why they gotta split the 7th position between Sauks and Maestro. Or why there ain’t any Westcoast representation when I would for sure throw in some Vancity subs. But that’s just my opinion. Anyways, I agree that Shad is the shit and he deserves the attention that he’s getting.

So here it is:

10. Michee Mee
9. D-Sisive
8. Buck 65
7. Saukrates / Maestro
6. Classified
5. K’Naan
4. Drake
3. k-os
2. Kardinal Offishall
1. Shad



Previously, “To Drake Or Not To Drake”


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One Response to “Top 10 Rappers In Canada”

  1. A*maze Says:

    That’s what’s up! 100% correct.

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