Haunted Vancouver


Upon googling some scary shit, I came across this brief piece by Maureen K. Fleury on haunted establishments in Vancouver. Here are a couple cool ones:

Hotel Vancouver

Hotel Vancouver, a well-known landmark recognized by its copper roof and gargoyles, is believed to be haunted by a lady dressed in red. Guests and employees have seen this elegant lady walking on an invisible ledge. The hotel’s elevator often makes an unscheduled stop on the 14th floor. When the doors open, this same lady appears to be floating along the hallway.

University of British Columbia

At the UBC, the main library is believed to be haunted by an elderly lady in a white dress. There is no explanation for the appearance of this woman.

Close to the University of British Columbia, a woman got out of her boyfriend’s car after having an argument and decided to hitchhike a ride home in the rain. Sadly, she was run over by a car. She is still seen walking along the same street on rainy nights. Her image is extremely vivid; in fact, drivers will stop and ask her for a ride. For some reason if a driver has a passenger in the car, she will ignore the offer and continue walking. If the driver is alone, she will jump in the rear seat. When asked where she would like to go, she disappears.

Eeeeps! I’ve been in the Main Library at UBC and I do not like it.


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