Sha Lin Noodle House


Alright. Sha Lin Noodle House gets a lot of flack for their food and service. I’m here today to set the record straight as a writer and representative of East Van.


548 West Broadway. Open everyday at normal times. Oh wait. There’s an abnormal, non-western siesta that the restaurant takes between 3-5pm. You can’t get noodles then. But when you can, there is a lot to choose from.


So it breaks down like this. Pushing noodles. Cutting noodles. Dragging noodles. Any dish can be made with either noodle style and as such, the menu can seem daunting. Here’s what me and my lady had.


Cumin lamb cutting noodles. These are thicker noodles shaved off a block of dough that drops right into the pan. Spicy! Cumin lamb skewers are there too. Extra spicy! And the standby. Beef and dragging noodles. Your run of the mill hand made noodles dragged between the maker’s hand for length and uniformity.

So here’s the problem I have. I’ve read so many reviews that bash the decor. It’s a Hong Kong style restaurant and as such, there ain’t supposed to be any decor. It’s built for high turnover. Come in, eat, pay and leave. It’s cheap cause they don’t have to buy you red paint.

Which leads me to everyone complaining about the service and the supposed request for tips. Look. I dunno if this is true or not but every establishment and every server should be tipped well cause it aint an easy job to feed retards.

And thirdly, the noodle soup is fine. Yes its plain brothed but that’s because it for the noodles to shine. It composition is light, chewy and fresh. You’re not supposed to mar it with a heavy broth. The additional flavours come from the marinated beef slices, sprouts and pickled cabbage sides. Go get some ramen if you want more “flavour.”

And furthermore:


Yeah yeah. I know. Sha Lin vs. Shao Lin. Goodnite.


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7 Responses to “Sha Lin Noodle House”

  1. Jolene Says:

    Mmmmm. Ima go for lunch tomorrow. My new office is even closer!

  2. bizoid Says:

    i always get that chicken pineapple one you introduced me to now! 😉

  3. werd Says:

    that image of raekwon holding that plate of food is golden!

  4. werd Says:

    “…every establishment and every server should be tipped well cause it aint an easy job to feed retards.”

  5. Lima Says:

    I tweeted my comment but am going to show comment love because I know that’s the blogging etiquette thing to do. I LOVE Sha-Lin noodle house, the veggie dumplings and the green onion pancake have me drooling. I haven’t tried enough of the noodle combos. I’m right by the skytrain, I should totally snag this for lunch some days! Thanks for the reminder. And I agree, that photo is golden, as is that comment 😛 I used to be a server…

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