4127 Main Street (@ King Eddy)


Homemade Malaysian (and some other asian) cuisine. When you hear about all the little “hole-in-the-wall” spots in this city, it’s places like Hawker’s that fit the bill best. Fast, cheap, flavourful and hella popular. See hippies, yippies, hipsters and hip-hoppers here. Most items are under $5. Hmmm, Big Mac or Mee Goreng? Too easy. Well almost:


They’ve got quite a few dishes but quality defly remains consistent thru and thru. May I suggest the Hainanese Chicken with the most fragrant rice you’ve ever laid on your buds or, my favourite, the Mee Pok:


It’s prawns, roast pork, cabbage, sprouts, fish cakes on a bed of Mee Pok noodles (thin and flat) topped with a ground pork sauce. Spring roll, 75 cents.

Don’t get too hooked cuz there ain’t nothing in the world like the feeling you get when you head there on a Sunday only to find it closed. Oh wait. How about going there on a sunny weekday afternoon in the middle of summer only to find them closed til September? Yeah, that sucked. But not any more. Cash only.


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