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Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters by Gojin Ishihara

October 29, 2010

Onward with the scary illustrations. Another children’s book illustrator by the name of Gojin Ishihara terrified a generation of Japanese kids in the 70’s and continues to do so today with classic monsters with an Eastern twist. Head over to for the complete collection but these are my faves.

Alien (Mysteries of the World, 1970)

Gorgon (Illustrated Book of World Monsters, 1973)

Burning Hell (Illustrated Book of Hell, 1975)

Hell of Repetition (Illustrated Book of Hell, 1975)

Yūrei (ghost), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972

Rokurokubi (long-necked woman), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972

Jorōgumo (lit. “whore spider”), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972


Humans VS Robots

October 29, 2010

In this issue of robots taking over the world, Japanese triumverate Actroid-F, Kokoro Co. Ltd. and ATR manufacture the especially creepy humanoid designed to act as “an observer in hospitals to gauge patient reactions.”

Also used to adorn dark rooms where children sing.

Catalog Gallery Presents: Lincoln Clarkes, Jen Osborne and Byron Dauncey – Natural Hazards.

October 29, 2010

Another Catalog Gallery event!

Catalog Gallery Presents : Lincoln Clarkes, Jen Osborne and Byron Dauncey – Natural Hazards.

Rob Squire and Catalog Gallery present a collection of beautiful women captured by three Vancouver based photographers, Lincoln Clarkes, Byron Dauncey and Jen Osborne. The selected photographs focus on vulnerability linked to beauty, and beauty linked with power.

This dichotomy is most clear in the stylish Shot in America series by Lincoln Clarkes, in which Texan women of all class pose with their loaded guns. In a country constantly at war with itself and others, this series reveals the pity of power.

Byron Dauncey’s Granville Street Saturday Night is voyeuristic and intrusive. Women are photographed candidly outside nightclubs in Vancouver’s Entertainment District, exposing a pressure to be beautiful, and flaunting the authority that it enables.

El Reinado by Jen Osborne showcases impoverished Colombian beauty contestants competing for the title of “People’s Princess” to improve their chances of finding a lucrative job in entertainment, or, a husband from a higher economic class. Beauty, for Columbia, is a national resource, and it gives Colombians a way to survive living in turmoil by celebrating things that are still beautiful.

Vernissage: Friday, November 5th from 6pm-late at
Catalog Gallery 56 Powell St Gastown, Vancouver, BC.

Show runs from November 5th – 28th.
For private showings outside of gallery hours, feel free to call Robert Squire – 604.721.4266.

Louvens Remy – Director, Camera and Editor
Vaughn Robert Squire – Creative and Music Score
Aaron Rivando – Camera
Type Design Template – Alex Usow
‘Live’ Photos from shoot – Jen Osborne and Byron Dauncey respectively.


October 28, 2010

New video from E.D.G.E.’s 7th mixtape (uh, grind much?), Napalm In The Morning, released this past June. Directed by Birch Concepts.


Like it? Then check HERE to download the mixtape for FREE!

Bonus, also from the mixtape, this track is drugs:

eastvan History 101: lesson 4 – Norquay

October 28, 2010

Written by David J Harlow

Norquay came into existence when BC Electric put the inter urban from Vancouver to Chilliwack in the late 1800’s Norquay school was opened 1913 { I Believe} According to my Father and others that the only way BC Electric could get people to man the stations was to build house for their first employees. Back then south of 45th was bush, swamp, trees, a golf course and the City garbage dump. No Killarney or Champlain Heights. Where 29th Ave Station is now was a farm with many apple trees. Norquay was a viable area before the 1960’s.

My mother came to the Norquay area in 1925, my father in 1939. I was born here in 1946 and have lived here all my life. My mother went to Norquay School {mid 1920s} as did I {1950s} and my four children {1970s thru 80s}.
Norquay park was there as was the wading pool {Installation, dated somewhere in the 30s}, it was the home to the Vancouver senior men’s soccer league and senior men’s fast pitch softball. The original field house was located where the big swings are now, Each summer the parks board would staff the club house with students {directors} so that little one would have supervised activities to do during the summer. The Norquay Ratepayers association had house league soccer and softball for both Girls and boys. At the hall they put on dances
{Sat afternoon for the teens}

Norquay Sports days; all of the students at Norquay would dress up in costumes and we would march in a parade from Norquay School, south on Slocan Street to Kingsway, East on Kingsway to Norquay Park. All of the store owner on Kingsway would decorate their store fronts and cheer us as we walk by to our Sports day {{Both Slocan and Kingsway were blocked off so we could march down the middle of the road}}

Kingsway in the 50’s was store fronts with apartments above the stores. Street cars also ran in both directions on Kingsway. This area has the distinction of having the only operating dairy in Vancouver I went to school with the sons and daughters of the founders of Avalon Dairy.
On the North West corner of Kingsway and Slocan was a small restaurant, a barber shop, a grocery store {B & K} and the Norquay ratepayers community Hall. {The B&K and Barbershop buildings are still there} On the North East side of Slocan and Kingsway was Elm’s drug store and a meat shop.

On the South East corner of Kingsway and Slocan was a garage {later the Dragon Inn} The Royal Bank of Canada, Beales Hardware, a small grocery store {{Lowes}} Hattori”s Dry cleaners, Beauty shop, Fish and chip store. On the South west corner of Kingsway and Slocan was a Texaco {now Churches chicken} and then the 2400 court. Between Slocan and Earles there was a Trailer park; Trailer lot; car lots; Wally’s and Harvey’s Department store {{ the last time I last talking to the owner, they stated that Harvey’s is oldest family owned department store in Canada}

Earles and Kingsway south west corner was Nickels grocery store. At 34th and Kingsway was the fire hall. Each winter the firemen would flood Norquay Park so the neighborhood could Ice skate Norquay is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver, It just got swallowed up by Killarney, Grandview, Renfrew and Windermere.

Ralph Steadman

October 27, 2010

Here’s another one of my most favorite illustrators and also fitting for the season! Ralph Steadman gained fame from adorning Hunter S. Thompsons books but also has a vast body of work ranging from his award winning Alice in Wonderland illustrations to the label for Cardinal “Spiced Zin” wine. Dubbed gonzo art, Steadman drawings looks like schizophrenic blood thrashings. Check it!


FIGHT DEATH by Drunken Arseholes

October 27, 2010

So you think Canadian rap lacks cajones? Then head over HERE to preview the Drunken Arseholes‘ new album for free. Like it? Then support it and download it for 10 bones! The 16 track album features the face-shredding lyrics of Cee!!!!!!!! and producer/DJ Moves. Guests include Craig G of the Juice Crew and Low Pressure family members, Fatt Matt, Jay O Smooth and Knowself. Be forewarned tho. This rap ain’t safe.


Bonus: An oldie but goodie. Cee!!!!!!!! dranks on some of the nastiest looking shit. Andrew Zimmern, drink your heart out.


October 26, 2010

Evil Ebenezer, part Trillionaire, part Brass Tackz, all wolf, unleashes his latest single via Stuey Kubrick!

Look for fellow Brass Tackz member, Snak the Ripper in a thrilling character portrayal as well as cornfields and Jesus. Evil Eye, his third solo effort, will be available this Sunday, October 31st. Pre-order your copy today at CAMOBEAR DIGITAL!


Track listing:
1. Step To
2. Days Of Our Lives
3. Ghostbusters
4. Better You
5. Greengoblin
6. Take Me With You
7.Light The Night
8. Scarecrow
9. Top Guns feat Snak The Ripper
10. Spaceship
11. Guns and Roses
12. Gone Astray
13. Love You feat NaRai
14. Blown Out
15. Waiting feat Brass Tackz
16. Five O

Yo Dog, We heard you like exhibits……

October 25, 2010

Yo Dog, We heard you like Exhibits……, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.

So we put an X-to the Zhitbit in your Exhibit, so can you see an X-Zhibit in your exhibit….

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

October 25, 2010

Stephen Gammell is one of my favorite illustrators. His trade is children’s books and in 1981, he worked on bringing to life a collection of horror stories by Alvin Schwartz. These stories are quite disliked by the American Library Association because of the incessant religious violence and occult horror. I, on the other hand, say more please!


Stephen Gammell on his early inklings to draw:
“I was four at the time thinking that I really didn’t want to go to school next year…I just want to do THIS,” said Gammell. “Just scare other children so bad it gives them nightmares for the rest of their lives.”

Cue Vincent Price laugh.