Running low on your BBQ supply? Need a fix? Then head downtown to Georgia & Hornby and RE-UP!


Michael Kaisaris and his gang have landed in the core with some tasty (read: addictive) pulled pork sandwiches! The brilliance is in its simplicity. A healthy portion of BBQ dropped in a soft bun, topped with creamy coleslaw and wrapped ready to munch. Its served up fast with a choice of some homemade refreshments.


Time your lunches appropriately because at noon, the lineup goes pretty deep. This is where the city’s street food expansion program excels. Offering good food at an honest price with the speed and service that the downtown appetites expect.


If you work in the area, then head down and support this young and talented upstart. You won’t be disappointed. They got that sauce that barbecues you right back. Check the peach soda too. Like dayum!

Shouts (as per their board) goes to Calabria Bakery, the Irish Heather, Honda, Central City Brewing and, of course, you the customer.

PS. they DO sell out so keep up to the minute on twitter @reuppbbq


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3 Responses to “The RE-UP BBQ”

  1. Scrails Says:

    sweet meat!!!

  2. City Cinderella Says:

    These pics are great!
    Would you mind if I borrowed them and linked back to your website?

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