Kent’s Kitchen


Yup. This is CHEAP food. GOOD food. Unlike Foody Goody, that place was horrid. But this lil spot in Chinatown is nice cuz the food is always cooked fresh. Why? Because there is such a high turnover of customers. They thrive on the take-out biz and the chefs are constantly filling up the most prized toppings.
And there are a lot of toppings! Ordering is simple. Two item combos on top of your choice of steam rice, sticky rice, or three types of fried noodles. Let them know if it’s ‘for here’ or ‘to go’ or else it’s ‘no soup for you!’
Don’t bother trying to read this. Just take a number and cruise up and down the aisle til you find something you like.
Standard fare includes: sweet & sour pork (w/pineapple! seriously tho, what’s up with places skimping on that?), stewed beef and fried chicken wings. You can also get the crazy shit: pork intestines, curry fish balls, and bitter melon.

A combo used to run $4.75 w/ steam rice until the HST rang it up to $5.04 which sucks for change. They also used styrofoam containers up until a month ago when they switched to recyclable plastic containers. It’s still a nice size that can be eaten as two meals. Bonus!

Southeast side of Main & Keefer. Cash only.


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