Chinese Skewer King


Last Friday I was walking downtown around lunch time feeling a tad peckish. Naw, I was fucking hungry. I was heading down Burrard towards Hastings where I thought I’d grab a Japadog. But instead, this was here.


And I was okay with it. In fact, I am very happy that City Hall has elected to expand the street food industry with such an expansive program. Here’s a great outline of what the downtown core offers right now. Courtesy of Miss604!

Wast Side of 200 Howe St – 100 metres North of W Cordova St
Wong, To Choi – Chinese Dim Sum

South Side of 400 W Georgia St – 12 metres East of Richards St
Lee, Yong Sook – Korean food with meat and vegetarian options

North Side of 700 W Cordova St – 14 metres East of Howe St
Revuelta Cue, Arturo – Burritos, whole wheat, rice, beans, sauces, fillings

East Side of 700 Homer St – 20 metres South of W Georgia St
Yong, Ming Cheak – chicken salad with lettuce, tomato. Fruit cup with melon, kiwi and mixed fruit.

East Side of 700 Hornby St – 22 metres South of W Georgia St
Kaisaris, Michael – Southern BBQ, Rice, Veggies

South Side of 700 W Georgia St – 20 metres West of Granville St
Li, Hongyu – Traditional Chinese and Japanese Cuisine

South Side of 900 W Hastings St – 24 metres East of Burrard St
Fang, Emily – Skewers of beef and pork

West Side of 1100 Burrard St – 28 metres South of Helmcken St
Samaei Motlag, Babak – Greek Donair

West Side of 1100 Burrard St – 25 metres North of Davie St
Yeo, Allan – Modern Satay Barbeque

South Side of 2000 Beach Av – 30 metres West of Chilco St
Zhao, Mei Liing – Fresh squeezed Lemonade

East Side of 600 Granville St – 50 metres North of W Georgia St
Ip, Derek – Fresh Bakery

West Side of 600 Granville St – 95 metres North of W Georgia St
Rodgers, Katie – Healthy meals & snacks, roll ups, sandwiches

East Side of 6400 Cambie St – 20 metres North of W 49th Ave
Yien, Alan – speciality noodles

East Side of 1300 Main St – 12 metres North of Terminal Ave
St. Denis, Jean Francois – Falafel

West Side of 1100 Station St, or West Side of 400 Burrard St
Morra, Giorgio – Authentic Italian stone ground pizza

West Side of 1200-1300 Arbutus St, or North Side of 1000 W Georgia St
Duprey, David – Fresh & frozen fruits, chocolate dipped fruits

West Side of 1400 NW Marine Dr, or East Side of 800 Hornby St
Kosmowski, Roman – Central European foods from Poland, Russia, using local organic products, borscht, schnitzel, koshe

As for the BBQ skewers? They were skew-tacular! Freshly grilled and full of chili and cumin! Still, took 4 minutes to get my order and the owner’s son who took my cash took a century to count my change. Good thing they got a niche goin for them.


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  1. werd Says:

    k, this has got to be one our best posts yet.
    this is what so many people have been waiting for!!!

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