copa 7 – copa 7 no samba


this has got to be one of the funkiest songs i’ve ever jammed out to personally.
i get so hyped when this track comes on. you got tracks like that? or am i just crazy… (i know i’m crazy but maybe even moreso)

i would’ve loved to have been at this event… wow

why the heck do we spell brazil with a “z” when they spell it with an “s”

now on to my next thought. the term/word moreso…

[edit]Is it a word?
On, “moreso” is not a word in any dictionary but this one.
I bring this up because I recently tried to use the word and my spell checker flagged me. Thinking the spell checker was wrong, I looked it up there and found nothing but this dictionary. (Always a bad sign, as they have a good couple dozen it could appear in if it were a word.)
Also, I googled the word, and the first web site match: tells me that it must always be two words (if used at all).
The next three google hits: and
are all addressing the question of whether “moreso” is a word, another bad sign.
I used the word believing that it was a word. Now, I tend believe it is not one.
— 03:31, 15 December 2007 (UTC)
I looked at those links and they’re a perfect example of prescriptivism. Especially the last one. Basically the guy in that last link has no concern for what people are actually writing, instead basing his judgment on some ethereal idea of what he personally thinks should be written. A language is determined by what its speakers say and write. If people start using moreso on a wide scale– and they have– and a dictionary or self-proclaimed expert claims otherwise.. then that dictionary or self-proclaimed expert is no longer talking about English. They’re talking about some kind of fake English they invented in their heads. Language Lover 04:48, 15 December 2007 (UTC)
This site says the term is generally abused –
By “abused”, do you mean “not used the way some people think it should” or “not used the way everyone uses it”? –EncycloPetey 01:04, 18 December 2007 (UTC)
I’ve added some “Usage notes” and links – hope they help!
Nils von Barth (nbarth) (talk) 21:51, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

“More so” should always be spelled as two distinct words. It is also overused and misused.

Most words throughout history didn’t start out with any educational sponsorship. What about the words tomorrow, terrific, and speakeasy?


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