Pickeled Pickles


If there’s one thing that my fridge has more than chili sauces, it’s pickles. All sorts of pickles.


KIMCHI – Thats that korean pickled cabbage. Its red cuz its spicy. I really like this stuff thrown on top of noodle soups and I always order it as a side to my sushi. And the fresher the better cuz I like my cabbage crispy not wilted.

DALLA TERRA DRUNKEN GREEN BEANS – These are an absolute must for caesars. They’re crunchy, sour and long enough to not drown in the glass. Also, you kinda have to like green beans to eat these, thick skin n all.

UNICO PEPPEROCINI – My girl’s favourite. Very tart with a crisp skin. Pops with the tangy brine innards. Often sided with greek food. Delicious with everything.

BICK’S BABY DILLS – The end all, be all pickle. Some of y’all might argue for kosher pickles and some other brands that market crispness but price, taste, quantity all point in favour to the ever reliable Bick’s. Don’t hate. Buy it at Zellers.

TOSCA CAPERS – I never really knew what capers were until recently my girl fried some up and threw em in a salad. Soo good. They’re like tiny, lil briny bombs. Taste is even stronger in their raw, pickled state. Still have a firm belief that Capers Market only sells capers…and hepatitis.

SARDO OLIVES – These are mammoth green olives. With pimentos. Pimentos being the most useless addition to any olive. But the olives are tart, salty and the my preferred olive to nachos.

PATAK’S LIME PICKLES – I don’t think I can eat any ethnic cuisine without pickles. I like dill pickles with steak. Kimchi or ginger with sushi. Eggplant with chinese (i ate the whole jar hence them not being in this list). And of course, limes with indian. The hotter the better. These are easily the saltiest and oiliest of all pickled foods. The flavour of eating actual limes balances perfectly with spicy curries and mellow yogurts.

ITALLISSIMA RED OLIVES – I don’t know why we have these. Haven’t touched them in eons. So is the case with most pickled goods, I guess. I remember these tasting like something between green and black olives. Oh yeah, they had pits too. So lame. Even lamer, having not thrown them out yet.

PICKLED GINGER – Abnormally pink with a mild, sweet taste. Perfect with the delicate taste of roll sushi. And cheap.

Next time: The molds growing in my tupperware containers…


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2 Responses to “Pickeled Pickles”

  1. werd Says:

    youre killing this game right now. haha

  2. Bizoids Just Don’t Understand « Welcome to eastvan BLOG Says:

    […] Pickled Pickles and Chili […]

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