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New Era Fitted 505

August 31, 2010

I fell in love with these fitteds the moment I saw them. They are modeled off the umpire’s short-brimmed cap.


They seem to be incredibly popular with the Japanese so it makes me wonder why New Era doesn’t distribute them in North America.

I don’t normally purchase over the internet or speak/read Japanese, but if you do, then check out Cap Collector!



Movies x Video Games

August 31, 2010

I really like the trend of ultra-gritty realism being applied to fan favourites. Casino Royale and Batman Begins really kicked ass. Literally. I caught the following a few months ago:

This is Mortal Kombat re-envisioned as a serial killer flick “a la” Seven. There’s a lot of net talk that this could go into production. Reptile looks siiiick!

While on the video games tip, this is an indie director’s more faithful take on the beloved Street Fighter series.

Slam Dunk Contest!

August 30, 2010

Hooooollllyyyyyy sheeeeeeeeit! Put on by Midnight Madness, not the NBA. Several prime examples of humans phucking up physics and defying the laws of gravity. I mean, seriously.

basket ball jones

August 30, 2010

basket ball jones, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

August 29, 2010


Spotted over at Figure Realm, these are custom coloured by speedlee after the original Neca style exclusive Ninja Turtle figures.

I owned a few Ninja Turtles back in the day. The 80’s cartoon ones mostly. Even had a Usagi Yojimbo. These are slick tho. They are modeled after the original comic book turtles and have the best proportions I’ve ever seen in a mutated reptile.

Look at these goofs:

Also, if you’ve never seen it, then check out this epic Ninja Turtle episode where turtles from every dimension come together to fight the Shredders! Yes. Plural.

K. I think this post got away on me. Turtles. M’kay?


August 29, 2010

New. Unreleased. Free. Rap. The homie Lithium lets loose a gemerald of a track brought back from a galaxy far, far away.




August 28, 2010

BUST ROCKS!, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.

There are harsh street renovations going on in East Van.
There was these giant boulder in the middle of 22nd and commercial and they broke’m down

Hawaii CAFE

August 28, 2010

Let’s take it out to South Burnaby today. 5880 Marine Drive to be exact. There’s nothing out here on this part of the road but a shitty gas station that should have shut down 20 years ago and this place, The Hawaii Cafe. The Pepsi sign defly dictates the age.


I’ve driven by twice before thinking the place was closed or shut down. This time, tho, there was an open sign on. I went in.


Pretty standard fare for a minimalist Chinese restaurant. But, if they’re gonna advertise Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup on their shop sign, then that’s the only thing I’m ordering. The Taiwanese flagship soup is much like Vietnamese pho in that there are many different versions; even in this city alone. Some come spiced up, others with fresh, handmade noodles. This one was nice. Sweet broth. Crispy broccoli. Tender morsels of stewed beef. Noodles were a little overcooked but overall, a great take on the classic. $6.99 and huge.

Look out for a Top 5 Taiwanese Beef Noodle soups coming soon!

Previously Top 5 Pho Spots!

Jeezy Clause

August 27, 2010

don’t just bob your head to the beat… listen to what people are saying.

I had to share this.
Some brothas are doing their thing proper, handing out school supplies to the community.
Don’t get me started on why these people talk about killing and drug dealing. Not only is it the things they see, it’s the record companies that fund that music.

Where are our local heros?

Young Jeezy – Street Dreamz in the Hood

foto fridays

August 27, 2010

foto fridays

customization. need i say more?

welcome to eastvan x punk