welcome to eastvan blog x stats


our busiest day happened during the world cup.

Sunday, July 4th, 2010 – 380 views

not only was it the world cup it was independence day in the good ol’ USA.
prior to this, our busiest day was when the Japandroids wore our t-shirt on Jimmy Fallon

i want to keep bringing more and more people to the site. i want it to become a community forum where you can talk about anything you want, if it happens to be regarding eastvan, then cool.
big thanks to all those who have contributed so far. standouts like: bizoid (34 posts), jules (51 posts), tracy ho (11 posts) and wobangs (17 posts). the number of posts is only part of it, they all have taken the time to contribute with quality posts. something that the world seems to enjoy since they keep coming back everyday and recommending it to their peers.

tell your friends! if you don’t know you betta ask somebody.


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2 Responses to “welcome to eastvan blog x stats”

  1. werd Says:

    until today as i found out.
    haha. thanks to circle prinz and my new designs. yay blog!

  2. bizoid Says:

    basically, we want that new new

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