water + vitamins


Hey, remember when Snapple was cool? Back when everybody drank it cause it was the drink to drink. There was peach ice tea, strawberry kiwi and a myriad of other flavours that I never even had the chance to taste (or prolly did but can’t remember). It’s still being sold in stores but it is by no means a competition to the new champion of beverages out right now: Vitamin Water.


Vitamin Water’s success is downright ridiculous. Coca-Cola bought out the maker, Glaceau, for $4.1 billion. 50 Cent had stock in it right before that and made millions. Celebrities, athletes and every regular schmo can testify their favorite flavour (mine’s Energy; cot damn thats good, ahh, now, lets try it wit a bit of goose).

But in light of the much needed product education that the public lacked (cuz we dumbz), a new slew of vitamin drinks have come to the forefront bearing advantages over Vitamin Water’s high sugar and calorie content.

Aquafina Plus Vitamins is a mighty contender. It contains 1/10th the calories of Vitamin Water because it uses the sugar substitute, stevia. They mostly taste decent. The best one being Passionfruit Citrus. It’s like Energy sans the caffeine. Downside? There are new reports that the sodium benzoate and calcium c in the drink are known to work together to produce harmful carcinogens. Shitty deal.

Then there’s Function: Alternative Energy. I bought this cause it was right next to the others in 7-11 so I thought I’d give it a try. I bought the Strawberry Guava flavour and, basically, it was gross. It had all the right stuff in it tho. All natural with yerba mate and other shit to give you 6-8 hours of stamina. But it was really gross. Like bitter Gatorade gross. So bad that I’d easily choose the last two instead.

So the reason for this post?

To re-enforce the importance of this rule:

Everything in moderation.


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One Response to “water + vitamins”

  1. minimum Says:

    vitamin water: white people’s gatorade.

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