New Azraelian The Alien


Not sure he still goes by that whole moniker (forgive me if he doesn’t) but Azrael’s new album is out and about and it’s available on iTunes and Beatstreet. I haven’t had a chance to pick it up myself but if this single is any indication, it’s defly rhyme and rhythm heavy and hella jazzy! Check the vid and leave him a comment. Vancouvah stand up!

The first single off of Azrael and Sythe’s new album “Pocket Watch”.

Written by: Azrael and Anonymouz
Produced by: Sythe
Flute by: Leenie Mayfield

Video by: Alex Yelizarov of B-Sharp productions

More at


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2 Responses to “New Azraelian The Alien”

  1. Donald J.Foran Says:

    that’s cool..!

  2. sameth Says:

    very good indeed i did enjoy it and the music as well ….nice.thanks….

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