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Big Butts

July 30, 2010

No, I’m not a Nike fanatic…I just happen upon a lot of their amazing ads. This one’s glamazon-azing…sorry, that ain’t a real word. Now read (ie.stare).

big butts


Die Antwoord

July 30, 2010


Die Antwoord live @ Venue, photos and video by me!

Jeff Spec’s “On My Feet”

July 29, 2010

Oh lordy! Jeff Spec comes mean and hilarious with his new vid that’s as fresh as his kicks. I’ve been meaning to get my shit together for some Q & A with the guy but in the meantime, check this out! Directed by Ben Hamilton. PS, don’t forget to leave a comment!



eastvan by nature

July 29, 2010

NEW design #4 of 4.
inspired by the one and only.

eastvan by nature W&B

eastvan by nature B&W

in “unrelated” news…

Sunday August 1st – Long Weekend Party! Donnelly Nightclubs & The Good Life present An Up Close & Personal Performance by… NAUGHTY BY NATURE + DJs Seko & Kutcorners (The Freshest) They’ve created infectious chart topping party anthems and dominated the Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B charts. Their celebrity status has seen them tour all around the world reigning as true Hip-Hop icons. From “O.P.P.”, to “Hip-Hop Hooray”, to “Uptown Anthem” to “… read full click here

Halastra Syndykat

July 28, 2010

the POS homie from Poland who we used to rap with when he stayed in Canada.
Him and some of his homies from Poland doing it big.
I don’t understand a word they are saying but nuff respect for doing it up, ya digg.

Hałastra Syndykat – Królowie życia

RZA x Nike

July 27, 2010

Taken from 2dopeboyz

The Abbott takes a stab at remixing some extreme sports tunage. In my opinion, the guy’s a genius. Strange cause GZA’s supposed to be the genius. Check it:



RYAN DUNGEY – motorcross


July 27, 2010

NEW design #3 of 4.

gastown. old and new in the same sentence.
gotta love it!

gastown streets B&W

gastown streets W&B

“the cross”

July 23, 2010

NEW design. #2 of 4.

find it at

ya digg

welcome to eastvan cross B&W

welcome to eastvan cross W&B

Photo Contest

July 22, 2010


Okay shutter bugs. Just got word of this today from Drive enthusiast and gal pal ‘Lissa. “This Is East Van” creative directors, Erin Sinclair and Jason Uglanica, are looking for community submitted photos pertaining to anything East Van to add to their soon to be published book . Go HERE to find out how. Check it:

EMAIL us your submissions by August 15th at:

Up to 5 entries per person only. All photos must be 300 dpi jpegs ready to print. Only images that are selected will be used and only those selected for publishing will be contacted further.

In your email include the area of East Van. in which the photo was taken, your name, phone number, and email address.

If chosen, participants will be required to sign a release allowing This Is East Van. to publish their work.

Easy enuf, huh? Now git to the clickety clacken!

Learn more at THIS IS EAST VAN

that new new

July 22, 2010

new design #1

eastvan script BL&Y

eastvan script W&B

eastvan script B&W