i want one of everything


after a long day of hustling at car free festival i met up with a friend for a drink and to toss around some ideas.
after all of that and some more drinks we decided to head to fritz but fritz was closed so on to mc donalds. yech.
i stopped liking mc donalds 10 years ago. on very rare occasions i have indulged over the years but i try to stay as far away as POSsible.

a fella in front of us has spent $30+ on food. i was so surprised. we all were. for some reason the thought popped into our heads that we need to outdo this man.

“i want one of everything” is what manders and i proclaimed to the employee.
sure enough, they went ringing in one of everything. the register actually malfunctioned and they had to change to a different register.

we took the food back to a friends apartment and it began.
a bite here, a bite there.
let me stop right there and let you know that this was at 4am.
after this was done, i had to make my way home. i had no idea where i was. my brain was not functioning properly. maybe the alcohol, other substances but i swear the consumption of this much mc donalds didn’t help
i had the mc sweats when i got home. i had mc nightmares. i have a mc tummy ache.

but i did it.
i can die knowing i ordered one of everything on the menu at mc donalds.
what an accomplishment, i might have to put it on my resume.



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6 Responses to “i want one of everything”

  1. Roketto Says:

    thats too real.

  2. mostlysoberwords Says:

    Mc sweats? Ha! Brilliant post. It made me want to puke in my mouth and swallow it.

    The folks who eat McDonalds before 2AM frighten me. Good job!

  3. bizoid Says:

    jesus mc christ man. i am horrified and impressed at the same time.

  4. Slevin Nevele Says:

    I just puked in my mouth.
    The look on Tay’s face that night…….

  5. Justine Says:

    wow… haha!
    that’s worse than this http://www.nucleartoast.com/2007/11/mcpizza.html

  6. matteroffact Says:

    Respect….sort of. 😉

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