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I took the last 20 minutes to write a list. This list is about what’s going on in my life right now.
I tried to list everything that i could POSsibly think of that i need to do currently. After writing everything down i tallied it up and it became 154 different things. Even counting them up seemed stressful.

I looked at the list and it is intimidating. I think i need an assistant. Really? Me hiring an assistant with the money i don’t have. That seems odd but it seems like the only way i can figure out how to solve slaying this savage monster.
I came from poverty, as much as it was a decent upbringing, some people have it worse, it was still a hard life. I want to accomplish so much in my life right now. I still live in poverty, if you look at the numbers. I pass by people every day who gauge themselves on their wealth.
As much as i don’t care, it’s hard to ignore it when its constantly around you.
I work on this list to get out of poverty and struggling to live a life more comfortable than this one.
People who are poor hate talking about being poor for the most part. I get uncomfortable talking about it sometimes but to be honest, i could care less. I AM POOR. The people who have more than me will look at that and laugh perhaps, do i care? Kind of but not really.
So i work hard to get out of being poor.
I can’t settle for living cheque to cheque even though it is said that the more money you make the more money you spend. Like for example when i made less money would i ever have even considered hiring an assistant?

After these 154 things are done, will i feel satisfied? Will the list actually be at zero. No. The list keeps growing.
I want a list of maximum 20 things to do. That’s all i want.
I need to organize this life.
Call me crazy but the world seems to be falling apart in front of our eyes. The natural disasters seem way too frequent and large in scale. The human made disasters are the same way.
Will this world last much longer? I don’t feel as though the actual earth will “die” but i feel as though humans don’t have much longer to go.
Do we really believe in 2012? Honestly, is this all just a preview of whats going down in less than 2 years from now. Do i make plans to live past 2012? I don’t really feel as though something will happen then but when so many people have spoken about it in a variety of ways. How does the web bot predict anything? Really?
So is there a point to having this list? Do i just keep trucking along crossing things off only to add another. Do i stop adding to the list?
Can i stop adding to the list? Does the list have a mind of it’s own now? It wants to grow i bet. It’s alive and wants to become bigger. It IS a savage monster that want’s to grow to become the worlds biggest list of things to do.

I have a list like the one i have to show the world that i want them to see what i have to offer.
We will see what happens.

One of the things on that list is to find some bloggers to update this blog. It is in need of some love. Where are my bloggers out there that want to show the world what their thoughts and feelings are within our community?

info (@)

contact me if you want to become a part of the blog team.


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