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June 29, 2010


Aight. Sauces. Your fridge is full of them. Mine is too. It’s jars amongst bottles amongst tupperwares full of weird pickles and pastes that I’ve prolly only used once or twice. But chilli sauces? I actually finish those.

Here are a few in my fridge at the moment (from LEFT to RIGHT):

1. McIlhenny’s Tabasco Sauce – A restaurant staple. This one’s garlic. The last one we had was chipotle. Damn good and pretty high on the hot too.

2. Hon’s Chili Oil Seasoning – You can get this one at, of course, Hons. It’s pretty oily but the good stuff’s at the bottom. It’s roasted and has alot of sesame and peanut flavours. One of my faves.

3. Tuong Ot Sriracha – The “tuong ot” part of the name is Vietnamese for “shit son!” Naw, jokes. It means “chili topping.” I’ve heard cats from around the world talk about Vancouverites obsession with this sauce. And they’re right about us. Y’all prolly thinking about the next thing you can put it on. Hmmm. Eggs? Macaroni? Vienna Sausages? Also, I heard DJ D-Rec keeps some by his bed.

4. Louisiana Hot Sauce – Tried and true. Hot and vinegary. Great with texan and mexan foods. In a squeeze bottle at Bon’s.

5. Koon Chun Chili Sauce – It actually took me years to find this sauce. They served it at this place called Dragon Fort in Abbotsford that I used to frequent. I bought a lot of sauces that I ended up throwing away to finally find it here, at Chong Lee Market. Its hard to describe the taste. Kinda horse-radishy. Slightly hot-mustardy. More like the chili that your great grandparents ate…if they lived in Mainland China.

6. Macarico Piri Piri – For awhile I was looking for another chili angle. Something that wasn’t so asian or western. Piri piri defly fits that bill. Good all round flavour and not crazy spicy. The Nando’s Piri Piri is actually waayyy better but, cot damn, is it ever expensive. This just happened to be in my fridge at the moment. Good for BBQ chicken.

So, there it is kiddies. Some of my chili sauces. There have been many before these ones and there will sure to be many more after. Perhaps a part deux?

Local Pabst Dealer

June 27, 2010

You never saw it coming (pt2), originally uploaded by jules andre brown.


June 26, 2010


Tonight! 200 artists, 400 pieces of art, 200$ each.

Welcome to Eastvan x Grandview-Woodland beautification project

June 26, 2010

i was forwarded some information regarding a community garden project taking place on 8th and commercial.
Since it is eastvan based they asked me to attend the event, take photos, do a write up and post it on the blog.
i responded “i hate blogging”. haha. i really do hate it. i only do it cuz “someone needs to do it”
which reminds me, thanks to all my loyal contributors: bizoid, matea, jules, tracy and everyone else that throws down from time to time.

here’s the article

Fiskars partners with Canadian Tire and City of Vancouver to plant seeds of community pride
Orange shirts to descend upon Commercial & 8th today to green city lot

Madison, WI and Toronto, ON (June 23, 2010) – Two vacant City of Vancouver-owned lots at the intersection of East 8th Avenue and Commercial Drive in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood will become a source of community pride today as Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb transforms the barren patch of soil into a beautiful and productive neighborhood garden – in a single day.

Fiskars, a leading manufacturer of garden tools, joined forces with Canadian Tire and the City of Vancouver to coordinate, plan and execute the community gardening event. More than 70 volunteers are expected to participate in the day’s events of wheel barrowing dirt, building frames for raised beds, laying soil, planting and mulching. The garden will be a combination of edibles – fruits and vegetables – as well as decorative perennials like sage, daylilies, coreopsis, and flowering trees donated by Canadian Tire.

“This is a welcome new food producing garden in Vancouver,” said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. “It’s great to see the private sector get involved in local food production – this is exactly the kind of creative partnership we want to be fostering. Vancouver is keen to reach our goal of becoming the world’s greenest city by 2020, and new community gardens like this one are a great way to get us there.”

Today’s gardening event begins at 8:00 a.m. with the “first dig” at the intersection of East 8th Avenue and Commercial Drive, and runs through early afternoon culminating in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4:00 p.m. with Councillor Andrea Reimer.

“We chose Vancouver because of its strong community garden network, and we’re confident that the garden caretakers will help ensure the space is productive for years to come,” said Paul Tonnesen, president of Fiskars. “We look forward to rolling up our sleeves and working alongside community members to develop something fundamental and lasting to people who could use it, as well as help promote the City’s goals of urban agriculture and neighborhood-based food production.”

“As one of the country’s largest retailers of lawn and garden products and a company focused on giving back to the community, we are delighted to be involved in this meaningful project,” said Duncan Reith, SVP Merchandising, Canadian Tire Retail. “Canadian Tire is thrilled to ‘dig in’ and help build something that the community can utilize and sustain for years to come.”

The non-profit posAbilities will administer and tend the new garden through its Can You Dig It! initiative, which assists people with developmental disabilities, together with their community, to transform urban spaces into agricultural bounties. The initiative trains persons with disabilities in woodworking and gardening. They are then hired to establish produce and art gardens throughout the Lower Mainland. Can You Dig It! will also give back a percentage of the crop from this new garden to food depots or food programs. Gardeners may also find other ways to give back to the community, such as organizing harvest meals. In addition to Can You Dig It! participants, local residents and members of MOSAIC – a non-profit organization serving immigrants and refugees – will also be able to obtain individual plots in the new garden.


This is one of three urban sites in North America selected by Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb. Portland, Ore. (April 28) and Columbus, OH (June 2) were the other beneficiaries of the project in 2010. Baltimore, Atlanta, Toronto, Orlando, San Francisco, and Chicago have been recipients of past community garden makeovers and neighborhood beautification. Fiskars founded Project Orange Thumb in 2002 and, to date, has donated nearly $1 million to more than 115 community gardens through the program.

# # #

About Fiskars
Fiskars, the World’s #1 scissors brand, is a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. The group has a strong portfolio of trusted international brands including: Iittala, Gerber, Silva, and Buster. Founded in 1649, Fiskars has over 360 years of product quality excellence and is Finland’s oldest company.

About Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire Corporation Limited (TSX: CTC, CTC.a) is one of Canada’s most popular retailers, with 480 stores across the country. Its core retail and automotive operations are strengthened by a number of commercial units, including PartSource stores, an automotive parts specialty chain; Canadian Tire Petroleum, one of the country’s largest independent gasoline retailers; Mark’s Work Wearhouse (known as L’Équipeur in Quebec and for its motto “Clothes That Work”), a leading retailer of men’s, women’s, and work apparel; and Canadian Tire Financial Services, which has issued over five million Canadian Tire MasterCard credit cards. Over 58,000 Canadians work across Canadian Tire’s organization from coast to coast in the enterprise’s retail, financial services, and petroleum businesses.

About City of Vancouver
The City of Vancouver is home to 578,000 and aims to be the world’s greenest city by 2020. In an effort to become a global leader in urban food systems, the city has set a 2020 target of reducing the carbon footprint of its food by 33 per cent per person. The City’s garden challenge of creating 2,010 gardens by 2010 was met at the end of last year with 2,029 registered gardens. Web:

Fiskars Brands, Inc.
2537 Daniels Street
Madison, WI 53718 USA
Tel 608 259 1649, Fax 608 294 4790
Toll Free 866 347 5277


Jeff Horrigan
Director of Communications
GMR Marketing
Office: 262-780-8798
Fax: 262-780-3199

super brands

June 25, 2010

image-6, originally uploaded by welcome to eastvan.

foto fridays
live from paris, france (not to be confused with paris, british columbia)

welcome to eastvan x BLVD skateshop

June 23, 2010

BLVD, originally uploaded by welcome to eastvan.

We are happy to announce that our Welcome to Eastvan brand is now sold at BLVD Skateshop.

To all those people who are too lazy to get their behinds down to Sharks + Hammers in Gastown, you can head to The Drive and pick up the freshest gear in town.

BLVD Skateshop
1340 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 3X6

Tuesday – Saturday 11-6
Sunday 12-5

i want one of everything

June 21, 2010

after a long day of hustling at car free festival i met up with a friend for a drink and to toss around some ideas.
after all of that and some more drinks we decided to head to fritz but fritz was closed so on to mc donalds. yech.
i stopped liking mc donalds 10 years ago. on very rare occasions i have indulged over the years but i try to stay as far away as POSsible.

a fella in front of us has spent $30+ on food. i was so surprised. we all were. for some reason the thought popped into our heads that we need to outdo this man.

“i want one of everything” is what manders and i proclaimed to the employee.
sure enough, they went ringing in one of everything. the register actually malfunctioned and they had to change to a different register.

we took the food back to a friends apartment and it began.
a bite here, a bite there.
let me stop right there and let you know that this was at 4am.
after this was done, i had to make my way home. i had no idea where i was. my brain was not functioning properly. maybe the alcohol, other substances but i swear the consumption of this much mc donalds didn’t help
i had the mc sweats when i got home. i had mc nightmares. i have a mc tummy ache.

but i did it.
i can die knowing i ordered one of everything on the menu at mc donalds.
what an accomplishment, i might have to put it on my resume.


East Van Dog!

June 21, 2010

squinty dog, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.

Climbing a fence

June 20, 2010

Goodbye old friend, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.

The death of the trout lake community center

June 19, 2010

The death of the trout lake community center, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.