DTES trendy?


found this at http://www.terry.ubc.ca/

Is the DTES trendy?

I saw something today that peaked my interest.

While waiting in line for brunch this morning, I noticed a man ahead of me wearing a very stylized t-shirt that had “Abbott”, “Hastings”, a couple of other street names, as well as “DTES” printed in a large Helvetica-type font.

I did some poking around the internet and found out that the t-shirts are made by a local designer called Sharks and Hammers, and sold by an art and design store on Main street called Vancouver Special. There is also a line of “Eastvan” shirts that were worn by Vancouver band, the Japandroids, while performing on Jimmy Fallon in January.

Of course, the particular Vancouver locations on the shirt I saw today hold a number of social connotations, and in some cases, stigma. It made me wonder what the producer’s and consumer’s intents were in designing and wearing a shirt that in essence, succinctly contained many of Vancouver’s most pressing social issues.

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2 Responses to “DTES trendy?”

  1. Matea Says:

    intense debate. terrys a douche and needs to get a life or laid or both.

  2. Elysa Says:

    Thanks for posting the link to your blog on Terry, Rob- you’ve got some really interesting posts that have kept me preoccupied most of the morning.

    You posting the Terry blog up here probably directed some of your followers to our site and the original posting- which was greatly appreciated! It was great to hear a fresh perspective, and after digging around a bit more on your work it’s cool to know of someone who is representing east van (and Vancouver in general for that matter) with authenticity. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for more to come in the future.

    In response to the above posting, Terry is a collection of bloggers from a variety of backgrounds with different perspectives- the post on Rob’s designs was written by Sarah Andersen.

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