getting things done


i set up this blog for no real reason at all except to bring attention to the brand originally.
then i thought about it and how it can lead to other things.

a way for the community to connect and share what they are doing and what they are into.

some people have done so. their daily observations sometimes addressed to the public via this blog.

some people have requested to be a part of the blog team and then did not follow through.

i made this blog not for me to post, because i do not want to post, i don’t have the time to commit, i made this blog for others to post.

it’s not the most aesthetically pretty blog, i can agree with that.
there are no bells or whistles.  we don’t have daily or weekly giveaways.
sometimes the images are too big and they cover the type on the side of the blog.
sometimes people write a blog then don’t post it and leave it as a draft for the rest of the public to never have a glimpse.

the stats for viewership go up and down on a regular basis. i do notice that when i post a blog on my facebook that a lot of attention is gained in the viewer stats.
i’ve seen other people post it on their facebook walls as well.
with all of that, i do notice that there is a continued viewership. people do actually click in to see whats going on with the welcome to eastvan blog.
it puzzles me why some people do. what is their purPOSe? why must they come see whats going on with this blog?
how does this simple, ugly blog draw attention?
i don’t know, but it does.

i’ve realized that i want this blog to become a sort of community blog. where everyone has their share in what’s going on in their lives.

if you are interested in writing about your life, posting pictures that mean something to you or you think would mean something to someone or have anything else you feel is necessary for this blog, no matter what walk of life you are from,
contact me.

i will add you to the contributors list and then we can go from there.




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3 Responses to “getting things done”

  1. noegosallowed Says:

    thats just it. people want to know what is going on. people like gossip. take newspapers for example…simple black and grey, it aint pretty but people still read it because they want to know what is going on.

  2. Matea Says:

    Best post of 2010. I constantly wonder all of the above myself, having my own blog for the past year now. I go through phases where I don’t care if anyone is looking at it because I mainly do it for myself. But when it comes down to it I love sharing information. I love finding something new that inspires/excites me in some way and love to do the same for other people. Which is why it does matter. The sad thing is the biggest reasons why people don’t do more is because of insecurity’s and laziness. It’s posts like these that inspire me to “get her done”.

  3. bizoid Says:

    i think the eastvan brand is fast becoming a major brand in this city and the community is to thank. sure, at times, we are lethargic and, at others, we are stalwart. so is the case with every network, group, company, etc. its natural fluctuation until the next level of success. bottom line, people still check it, albeit, quietly and without comment.

    LOL @ oversize images tho

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