where have all the crow-boys gone?


They caw unrelentingly every morning. They tear the shit out of your garbage. They gang up on seagulls. They swoop down on us and then laugh about it with their homies. All in a day’s work for a crow. Assholes.
(photo from: festeringfetus.com)

And when the whistles blow, they all start flying east. South east. Every single day. Right around sunset. Look up. You’ve seen em. But where exactly do they all go?
(photo from: flickr.com)

I’ve tried to follow them on a few occasions without much luck. They can fly. I can’t. So I had to use my superior human intellect to track them down. What I found (on the internet) was that crows, like many other birds, have a place to roost at the end of the day. A safe-haven.

Since the 70’s, all northwestern crows from False Creek and the North shore, totaling up to 30,000 in late summer, head to a wooded area at Willingdon Ave. and Still Creek Dr. (from: canada.com). They once used Dick’s Lumber yard until Costco moved in nearby, removing a lot of trees. They now dwell around the Burnaby Lake area.

Other roosts discovered include one in Langley, home to about 3000 crows and another in Surrey, which serves 1000. So once they all get home, break down the day’s events and get a good, safe night’s sleep, they come back into the city, first thing in the morning for more bullshit.


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2 Responses to “where have all the crow-boys gone?”

  1. Fcapdeville Says:

    I worked for two years in Still Creek Dr. and I was always surprised about all the birds hanging out. Really Hitchcock kinda thing.

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