México Rico!


Every time I passed by West Pender, between Homer and Hamilton, I was intrigued about this Mexican place.  Probably because I grew up watching a mexican tv show about a homeless kid living in a “vecindad”. If someone wants to know what’s a vecidad… let me tell you that it looked just like that nice courtyard in the blood alley. The show was called “el Chavo del ocho”. Well, the thing is that a woman in that vecindad ran a “posada” (restaurant kinda thing) just like this place on W. Pender.

I finally went for breakfast last week, and it was just awesome. I had quesadillas de pollo and my friend eggs with chorizo, tomato, chilli and onion. Plus something to drink… Less than 20 bux. Perfecto!!!

They have also torta de tres leches!! (three milks cake) and aguas frescas (natural fruit juice).

Maybe it’s not located in the downtown eastside. But it feels like it is. At least in the area you see no yuppie having a margarita in his happy hour, playing to be in New York (like in the DT core), or gringos saying “Mek-see-koh, “tah-kee-tous” or “jah-lah-pah-no” like in most of the mexican places in town.

309 West Pender.


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One Response to “México Rico!”

  1. werd Says:

    it does resemble that place

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