i heart chicken


…and so do you. Don’t front. Everybody does. And I like mine fried. I just do. It tastes good. I know I’m not alone. They open restaurants for us. I even dig KFC. Shoot me. Okay…don’t. I’m just saying that the colonel has a damn good recipe. I’d prolly eat fried chicken everyday if I didn’t care about rapping, breath control, health, etc…


But I do care. And I’ll have the yummy only once in a while. Today, it’s at the newly(ish) re-opened “Prime Time Chicken and Chinese Food” joint. Southeast corner of Main and Hastings. Open everyday from 11am to 9pm.


They got chicken. A lot of it. I mean mounds of it. I grabbed 2 legs and a thigh, home fries and gravy. $4.25. Added a wing for 85 cents. A whole wing. Like 3 sections whole. Grabbed a cola too. The gal rang the whole thing up at $5.75. The math got fucked. Prolly got distracted by the drunk who told me he came from a max security prison and that he loved me. I’d fuck up that math too.


It’s good quality chicken. Not as phatty as Church’s. A lil crispier than PFK. But good. And cheap. I’ll be back. In like 4 months.


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5 Responses to “i heart chicken”

  1. a-dawg Says:

    so……does you girlfriend allow this or…..uhm what?

  2. Bizoid Says:

    She. Does. Not.

  3. MPK Says:

    whats so great about chicken……..

  4. gojira Says:

    i miss popeye’s.

  5. Bizoid Says:

    For the record, I was back in 7days ;(

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