Torch Diverted from Commercial Dr, East Hastings, Take Back Our City Rally & March


Hey all!

The Olympic$ Circu$ has begun!  Check out  Vancouver Media Coop for a video of the Torch diverted from Commercial Drive on Friday February 12.  The community in action, standing passionately for what they believe in.

Kudos for Torch Bearer Carrie Serwetnyk for handling that with grace and poise.  You can tell she wanted to say more in support of the demonstrators, but knew she could get in trouble for being a representative.

The torch was also diverted from heading into the Downtown Eastside thru East Hastings early in the morning.

I took part in the Take Back Our City Rally and March at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  It was inspiring and felt good to take action in the resistance.  Great food, music and people all around!  Speakers and demonstrators came out to speak about homelessness, poverty, criminalization of the poor, environmental degradation, social service funding cuts and so much more.  Once again great to see people getting engaged and taking our streets back. ‘Who’s streets? OUR STREETS!’

For more info on the convergence and action that is not covered by the mainstream corporate media, really check out Vancouver Media Coop, lots of great articles, videos, photos and links.

I’ll be keeping in touch on the ground and around the city at resistant events.  If you are out there on the streets, remember to take care of each other, stay in a group and keep the following numbers on you to call for legal help and advice:

  • Arrest line (if you are arrested): 604-689-9540
  • Support line (friends and families missing someone): 604-689-9547
  • Pivot Legal Speak to a Lawyer: 1-888-978-0050

– T


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