Sunny Sunday in the DTES


I knew about the 19th annual Downtown Eastside Women’s Memorial March thru a post on this blog. So I had the perfect schedule for today: to head to Hastings and Main about noon, take a few photos and maybe make a video, then I wanted to record the dragon parade in Chinatown… A weird Valantine’s day but good for me.

I showed up at the march and it was crowder than I thought it was going to be, that made me happy, I still can’t believe how a lot of people over-look the missing women issue. But I couldn’t see much happening so I headed to Pender, just to realize that, this year the dragon parade was held in the am… 

Oh well, I went to read to the park and on my way back home I ran into the march at Abbott and Hastings, so I followed them along Hastings to the east.

It was kinda magic, in the corner with Carrall the march stopped. A few words and the woman speaking pointed up, way up in the sky a big bird (an eagle?) was flying in circles. Then, the drums went crazy.

Seriously, it was magic. It seems that the universe was paying tribute to all those moms, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends, women. And that made me happier.    


2 Responses to “Sunny Sunday in the DTES”

  1. Tray-Ho Says:

    It was definitely a beautiful and magical Sunday! I am glad that you decided to head down coz of the blog post.

    I have taken lots of photos, videos and recordings from the march and will be doing an update soon! watch for it!

  2. fcapdeville Says:

    Well, I had always wanted to go (since I moved to Van) but never made it. The post was a good reminder 🙂

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