19th Annual DTES Women’s Memorial March


DTES Women's Memorial March

With the Olympic$ around the corner and whether you are for them or not (personally I am against a $6 billion tax payer funded party for the elites, but that’s for another time…), there is a very important March and Memorial that is happening on this Sunday February 14 at noon at Main and East Hastings.

tray-ho where are our stolen sisters?

This year will be the 19th annual Downtown Eastside Women’s Memorial March, to remember the women and sisters that have gone missing from our streets and communities.  As we all remember the Robert Pickton Trial, where he was charged and convicted with the murder of 6 women, there are hundreds if not thousands of women that are missing in Canada… and we don’t talk about it.  Among the many other atrocities that our Indigenous brothers and sisters have to face, the over 500 missing aboriginal women in Canada is one of the WORST.  The Highway of Tears (Yellowhead Highway 16 – 720 kilometers between Prince George and Prince Rupert) have seen a disturbing pattern of disappearances of aboriginal women between 1988 and 1995. The RCMP and authorities have ignored the desperate pleas from the community to investigate for years until a non-aboriginal woman disappeared.

no more stolen sisters

Please come join me and other people from the community to remember these missing women, they are our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunties, cousins and friends.  Please come to take a stance against violence against women, something that deteriorates our communities and shed light on an issue that many have to face alone and scared behind closed doors.  Come support those that have lost family members and to give them hope that justice will be served for their loved ones.

Spread the word, help make people aware and take care of each other. Please go to the Vancouver Rape and Relief Shelter or the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre if you or someone you know needs support and help.


DTES Women's Memorial March

Details of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Memorial March:

  • Sunday February 14, 2010 at 12noon
  • Carnegie Community Centre Theatre, 401 Main Street (corner of Hastings), Coast Salish Territories
  • This event is organized and led by women in the DTES because women, especially Indigenous women, face physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence on a daily basis.
  • Please do not bring your banners, flags, or leaflets as the Women’s Memorial March carries five banners only to honour the women.
  • Please do not wear face masks to this memorial. Thank you.

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