the revolution will not be televised


my friends over at ephin and stompdown are getting some publicity for their clothing line.

Edgy and hip? Or promoting violence?

Surrey School officials have made their minds up about some of the clothing from and the ephinstore – they have banned it from city schools.

True that some of the hoodies have crossed baseball bats, a balaclava and the words stompdown and killaz.

Entrepreneur Ryan Wiese, a graduate of Fleetwood Park Secondary, said he is surprised at the district’s reaction. He doesn’t accept the clothing promotes violence, though he admits it does celebrate tagging.

Theresa Campbell, who heads the very successful safe schools program, said the clothing line definitely contains “violent messaging.”

i’ve been at some clubs in vancouver where they wouldn’t allow in the ‘welcome to eastvan’ clothing brand in the club. it was an odd sight to see.

please don’t promote community togetherness at our establishments!!!


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One Response to “the revolution will not be televised”

  1. Vision Says:

    Stompdown is a movement designed to motivate and inspire people to get up off the couch and do something with your life! It might not be graffiti or even hip-hop, whatever you want to be or do in life, Stompdown videos are the fuel you need to achieve your goals and make your dreams become a reality! SDK is proof that anyone of you can become successful in life! DON’T TELL THEM, SHOW THEM!

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