Streets of Plenty


Streets of Plenty – Homeless Documentary – TRAILER

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An unprecedented look into the underworld of Vancouver’s downtown eastside ghetto, this 65 minute documentary follows one man’s 30 day experiment of joining the thousands of homeless, ill, and addicted, who survive the streets of Vancouver’s cold, wet December. He starts off with nothing but a pair of underwear. Where he ends up is a place he never knew existed, even though its a place we all pass by every day.

This is the perfect film for anyone who wants to see first hand what life is like on the streets, but doesn’t want to risk murder from gang violence, contracting a fatal or chronic disease, or a life-long addiction to crack or heroin.

(Official Selection 2009 Queens International Film Festival)


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2 Responses to “Streets of Plenty”

  1. Tray-Ho Says:

    This looks like an amazing and eye-opening film.. I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  2. owencovert Says:

    You can watch the full thing on starting with this one:

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