Vancouver, Vancouver


in a city of so much cultural diversity, we are still a city of keeping everything separate.
I found myself realizing a while ago that i don’t like going to granville street to party.
Not a fan of popped collars, fake tits and heavy perfumes. I tend to stay away from that scene.
They dont care for my type up there either. sneakers, jeans, baseball cap…
i thought it might be different in a different area of town. not so much.

I went to the Astoria on a saturday (hipster(?) night) to do some promo.
Two young girls started to shout at me calling me a wigger for wearing gold teef. i just laughed. i was so baffled at what was going on.
ive never felt “bad” for wearing gold teeth. they followed me around and continued to demand that i freestyle for them.
i replied that they were rednecks (one was from alberta, the other from buttfuck nowhere) and they don’t understand culture.
The funny thing, this venue is in eastvan. the place where i felt im most comfortable at.

Not so much

shouts to Popsicle Pete, he knows im a whblindian.


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3 Responses to “Vancouver, Vancouver”

  1. Jack Russell (g3e) Says:

    But being judgemental and dismissive of everything outside of their comfort zone is what makes a hipster their hipsterist. Otherwise, they would just be really cool people into cheap beer and irony.

  2. Bizoid Says:

    ^^Wow, well said… Vancouver’s the best and the worst at cultual segregation, just go to any mall, its still all packs

  3. parkinglotpimpin Says:

    stay shining!

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