I just had lunch with a friend at the afrocanadian restaurant on Cambie (between Hastings and Cordova). I was kinda confussed because I walk by this place almost everyday and I had read they had tacos and mexican food as well, but when I walked in I realized what it was about…  And it’s something like this: If you  walk to the right you will be in the mexican side and if you go to the left, african food is what you will have.

We decided to have african so we had 2 meat dishes (chicken with jerk sauce and beef with tomato sauce) and a veggie one (spinash with hot peppers sauce).  All the meals are served with rice and salad on the top of injera (bread that looks like pancakes). So good and cheap (well, I think it’s the price food should actually cost). And that’s my complain with most of the restaurants here in the city: extremely overpriced for a normal meal.

I’m so coming back for more.  Maybe I’ll try the mexican side.


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2 Responses to “Afro/canadian/mexican/eastsider”

  1. Art0fCh0ke Says:

    I’mma have to go back in there….we used to have rap shows in the basement at least a decade ago…beer and after hours yumm yum!

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