love and electrik


i stumbled upon this group at the railway club one evening. instantly fell in love.
they are featured on a new mixtape “The Hastings Set Presents: Love and Electrik – First Crush”
this is that crack. i’ll let their music do the talking
find them on myspace:

find them on fbook:
facebook group

little clip from their bio:
Love & Electrik are like an explosion of flashing lights and glassy sound. Welcome to their universe where vintage synthesizers, vocoders & talkbox coexist with a voice that has a timeless soul. Together their music takes you to a familiar past: the groove of Nu Shooz to the dripping sex appeal of Minneapolis Funk, the dance vibes of 80’s Freestyle music to the intergalactic synths of Paul Hardcastle, the playfulness of The Jets to the smoothness of the S.O.S Band.


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2 Responses to “love and electrik”

  1. Bizoid Says:

    These guys are local?! Damn, these tunes make me very happy!

  2. julesandrebrown Says:


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