I <3 East Side


I finally made it. Well, like 5 months ago actually. Everything started in September 2007, about noon. I had just landed in YVR (Santiago-Toronto-Vancouver) and one of my friends and colleague picked me up at my hotel and asked me if I wanted to see an apartment he wanted to rent. “Si… ¿por qué no?”.

My hotel was in Boundary Rd and the apartment in West End so he drove all the way by Hastings, from Boundary Rd. to Burrard St. And, being honest, it was love at first sight. So interesting, historical, fun! I wanted to stop in every corner to check every single building, advertising, the people, the stores, etc.

When we crossed Clark Dr. my buddy’s face changed. He was like “ok… here the thing is different” But I found it even more interesting. I could realize the facades were full with history and that day I decided I was moving to the DES. Nobody understood why I wanted to move here, and some friends always thought I was just joking. Plus I had to deal with concerned comments like “Why are you moving there? It’s so dangerous” or ironic ones like “oh, that’s… colorful

I love my hometown and in some aspects, the East Side reminds me a lot my city; the unique blend I found here makes me feel like I’m home. Old, new, European, native, lots of culture and urban life all blended together. It’s not a ghetto. It’s a complete neighborhood.

It took me some time to do the big move. After one year and a half in the West End (very nice, but bland) and tons of hours spent wandering in the East Side; I moved here. And I really love it.


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