Welcoming You To East Van



You’ve seen it tagged on walls, tiled on sidewalks and tattooed on arms.  Now, artist Ken Lum is permanently throwing up the ‘East Van Cross’ at Clark and 6th  with a 60 foot LED-lit sign.  The Mapping and Marking sector of the Olympic Public Art Program says that it is most visible from the west.


Welcome to East Van,



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3 Responses to “Welcoming You To East Van”

  1. arika Says:

    whaaaaat…….. ! i dunno man… that shit looks kinda wack. do we really need a giant neon eyesore there, in the shape of a cross no less? it brands the neighbourhood in a weird and cliche way. thumbs down.

  2. Otto Says:

    I think it is a great work. It carries so much meaning. The cross form suggests the words East Van suspended on cross ie suffering, pain, grief. It is a beautiful and emotionally charged work.

  3. Tray-Ho Says:

    Isn’t this an old 50s east van gang sign? that makes it even better and seen from the west side… in time for the olympics! HA!

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