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January 31, 2010

Huddle, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.

Commercial & 22nd


eastvan medical

January 30, 2010

the only place for your medical needs


January 30, 2010

DRY V ORTE, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.


January 29, 2010

im jealous of this 330square foot house

i’d like to see if anyone in Vancouver picks up this same idea.
dont think it would happen, people here are way too comfortable with their “massive” condos downtown 😉

Vancouver visually

January 29, 2010

sent to me from the good lady at No Egos Allowed

Seko Vs Jonny Walker

January 29, 2010

Seko Vs Jonny Walker, originally uploaded by jules andre brown.

Double Exposure of Seko at the docks and some booze.

Let Me Upgrade You

January 29, 2010


Y’all know what the deal with this place is. This ain’t your grand-daddy’s Chinatown. It’s yours. It’s where you mingle, dance and listen to music in 2010. It boasts the best sound system in the city (Funktion-One), an eco-conscience design (low-flow everything) and several street artist-collabo installs that make this joint the end all be all of nightlife establishments.

But it wasn’t too long ago that this club was far more “underground.” I’m talkin east van indie rapper “underground.” Sure, the scenesters came here to dance on the odd weekday but the weekends made room for some memorable rap shows from locals such as Fatt Snak, The Groundbreakers, Dance Dance Revolution, East Side Magic, Main Offenders and countless others.

Now its the place where Camp Lo performed, where the Beatnuts will reunite and, of course, where Jay-Z chillaxed after his BP3 show. To quote Dylan, “the times, they are a-changin.”

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Vancouver, Vancouver

January 27, 2010

in a city of so much cultural diversity, we are still a city of keeping everything separate.
I found myself realizing a while ago that i don’t like going to granville street to party.
Not a fan of popped collars, fake tits and heavy perfumes. I tend to stay away from that scene.
They dont care for my type up there either. sneakers, jeans, baseball cap…
i thought it might be different in a different area of town. not so much.

I went to the Astoria on a saturday (hipster(?) night) to do some promo.
Two young girls started to shout at me calling me a wigger for wearing gold teef. i just laughed. i was so baffled at what was going on.
ive never felt “bad” for wearing gold teeth. they followed me around and continued to demand that i freestyle for them.
i replied that they were rednecks (one was from alberta, the other from buttfuck nowhere) and they don’t understand culture.
The funny thing, this venue is in eastvan. the place where i felt im most comfortable at.

Not so much

shouts to Popsicle Pete, he knows im a whblindian.

welcome to eastvan 2.0

January 26, 2010

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January 26, 2010

jules andre brown.